Making the world a better place

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Non-Profit Organization


Group Planting a Tree
1 Million Trees 4 MJ
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(First Aid) Kits 4 Kids
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Food Truck Portrait
Refills On Wheels
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Child Psycholgist
Mind Your Mental Health
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This Is Not It Fundraiser
Audience at a Concert
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Picking up trash
Impactivist Contest
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A warm message from Michael Jackson's former choreographers,
Travis Payne and Stacy Walker. Thank you for your amazing support!

Vision and mission


Launched on June 25th, 2020, we are a Non-Profit Organization located in Japan, whose sole goal is to make the world a better place. 

We aim at creating a platform that will support the global citizens in their mission to lead a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, with respect and love for all.

We help empower everyone who wants to spread love, through a series of activities which help shift mentalities, and arms us with the skills we need to become more sustainable and ethical global leaders and citizens.


Lastly, we want to continue Michael Jackson's legacy* of making the world a better place, the mentor who has inspired all of us to simply be better humans.

Live. Let Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Leave a Legacy.

 -- Bianca Y. Michaels


Our invitation to action

The Heal the World Japan non-profit organization was launched in 2021 with the goal of making the world a better place. In more practical terms, we aim to create a Sustainable Society. 


Inspired by the values and vision of Michael Jackson*, we have set out to create a Global community of Soldiers of Love, who will go ahead and become the Leaders of Tomorrow. We aim to empower our Soldiers with the values and skills to go ahead and solve challenging social and environmental problems like the climate crisis and discrimination of all forms, in their local area, with the intent of scaling it globally. 


We understand these are big goals, but we are confident that we have the right mindset, the education and the strategies to succeed, even if we will never live to see the results. We lead with Love, Optimism and an Open-mind. 


Lead by Bianca Y. Michaels, a Harvard educated sustainability consultant and circular economy specialist, who has dedicated her entire life to solving global climate crisis related problems, and of course, a lifelong Michael Jackson fan, we will stop at nothing when it comes to healing the world by putting the word ‘Love’ on everyone’s agendas.


We are constant recruiting team-members who share the same values and goals, and want to leave behind a beautiful legacy of love, hope and the promise of a better tomorrow. We are looking for lovers, healers and peace-makers from all walks of life, to be part of our Legion of Empaths. Will you join us in our pursuit of Healing the World?

We believe in you! We love you! We need you!