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According to the latest findings of the World Economic Forum, we need to plant 8 Billion Trees in the next 20 years if we want to stand a chance at combating the Global Climate Crisis. The future of our children depends on the trees we plant in the next 2 decades. Luckily, Heal The World has found a super-easy and uber-fast way to help you plant trees:

We have partnered with the One Tree Planted organization to help you plant as many trees as you want, wherever you want in the world, for as long as you can!


Just pick one of the options below and you are all set!

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Why is it called '1 Million Giving Trees For Michael Jackson'?

Michael Jackson, both the artist and the humanitarian, has inspired us all to start with the man in the mirror  and make a change to heal the world and make it a better place. So we decided to give people the opportunity to plant trees in order to celebrate Michael's legacy and to say thank you for all the years he has served us as the greatest entertainer and humanitarian in history.

Michael loved trees, as they represented Nature and all of its beauty. Among others, the song 'Heal The World' was written while he was in a tree at Neverland. He thus called this tree 'The Giving Tree'. The name was inspired by the book with the same name, written by the late Shel Silverstein.

The book is a great representation of how Humanity has treated Nature and how the planet continued to give us everything we have ever wanted.

We want to give back to Nature what she has given us until today.


Also, a few years ago, a kind lady named Trisha Franklin started the project 'A Million Trees For Michael', but, after a long and fruitless battle with the Michael Jackson Estate for the right to use Michael's name for promotional value, she gave up. In her memory, too, we decided to name this initiative the way we did.

Read more of her story here. 








UP TO $10,000

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**Select out of 3 locations to plant

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Where will my donation go?


For every pack you buy, we will plant trees for you, through the One Tree Planted organization, in the location of your choice. 


You can choose to plant a tree every month or to plant many trees at once. You can even have a birthday donation pack made just for you!

Trees planted so far:

13 Trees

1,000,000 Trees

*due to the complex nature of the donation process (mistakes, cancellations etc.), it might take some time before the bar reflects actual donations

Other ways you can help:

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@Heal The World wants to help you celebrate Michael Jackson's legacy by planting one million trees across the world in his honor, with the help of his fans from all over the world. We will be planting a tree for every $3 received, through the @One Tree Planted organization.


Join the One Million Giving Trees for Michael Jackson campaign by choosing one of the 3 options on this page: www.healtheworld.site/1mtrees4mj

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